Migrating from 2.x to 3.0

Bootstrap 3 is not backwards compatible with v2.x. Use this section as a general guide to upgrading from v2.x to v3.0. For a broader overview, see what’s new in the v3.0 release announcement.

Major class changes

This table shows the style changes between v2.x and v3.0.

Bootstrap 2.x Bootstrap 3.0
.row-fluid .row
.span* .col-md-*
.offset* .col-md-offset-*
.brand .navbar-brand
.nav-collapse .navbar-collapse
.nav-toggle .navbar-toggle
.btn-navbar .navbar-btn
.hero-unit .jumbotron
.icon-* .glyphicon .glyphicon-*
.btn .btn .btn-default
.btn-mini .btn-xs
.btn-small .btn-sm
.btn-large .btn-lg
.alert-error .alert-danger
.visible-phone .visible-xs
.visible-tablet .visible-sm
.visible-desktop Split into .visible-md .visible-lg
.hidden-phone .hidden-xs
.hidden-tablet .hidden-sm
.hidden-desktop Split into .hidden-md .hidden-lg
.input-block-level .form-control
.control-group .form-group
.control-group.warning .control-group.error .control-group.success .form-group.has-*
.checkbox.inline .radio.inline .checkbox-inline .radio-inline
.input-prepend .input-append .input-group
.add-on .input-group-addon
.img-polaroid .img-thumbnail
ul.unstyled .list-unstyled
ul.inline .list-inline
.muted .text-muted
.label .label .label-default
.label-important .label-danger
.text-error .text-danger
.table .error .table .danger
.bar .progress-bar
.bar-* .progress-bar-*
.accordion .panel-group
.accordion-group .panel .panel-default
.accordion-heading .panel-heading
.accordion-body .panel-collapse
.accordion-inner .panel-body

What’s new

We’ve added new elements and changed some existing ones. Here are the new or updated styles.

Element Description
Panels .panel .panel-default .panel-body .panel-title .panel-heading .panel-footer .panel-collapse
List groups .list-group .list-group-item .list-group-item-text .list-group-item-heading
Glyphicons .glyphicon
Jumbotron .jumbotron
Extra small grid (<768px) .col-xs-*
Small grid (≥768px) .col-sm-*
Medium grid (≥992px) .col-md-*
Large grid (≥1200px) .col-lg-*
Responsive utility classes (≥1200px) .visible-lg .hidden-lg
Offsets .col-sm-offset-* .col-md-offset-* .col-lg-offset-*
Push .col-sm-push-* .col-md-push-* .col-lg-push-*
Pull .col-sm-pull-* .col-md-pull-* .col-lg-pull-*
Input height sizes .input-sm .input-lg
Input groups .input-group .input-group-addon .input-group-btn
Form controls .form-control .form-group
Button group sizes .btn-group-xs .btn-group-sm .btn-group-lg
Navbar text .navbar-text
Navbar header .navbar-header
Justified tabs / pills .nav-justified
Responsive images .img-responsive
Contextual table rows .success .danger .warning .active .info
Contextual panels .panel-success .panel-danger .panel-warning .panel-info
Modal .modal-dialog .modal-content
Thumbnail image .img-thumbnail
Well sizes .well-sm .well-lg
Alert links .alert-link

What’s removed

The following elements have been dropped or changed in v3.0.

Element Removed from 2.x 3.0 Equivalent
Form actions .form-actions N/A
Search form .form-search N/A
Form group with info .control-group.info N/A
Fixed-width input sizes .input-mini .input-small .input-medium .input-large .input-xlarge .input-xxlarge Use .form-control and the grid system instead.
Block level form input .input-block-level No direct equivalent, but forms controls are similar.
Inverse buttons .btn-inverse N/A
Fluid row .row-fluid .row (no more fixed grid)
Controls wrapper .controls N/A
Controls row .controls-row .row or .form-group
Navbar inner .navbar-inner N/A
Navbar vertical dividers .navbar .divider-vertical N/A
Dropdown submenu .dropdown-submenu N/A
Tab alignments .tabs-left .tabs-right .tabs-below N/A
Pill-based tabbable area .pill-content .tab-content
Pill-based tabbable area pane .pill-pane .tab-pane
Nav lists .nav-list .nav-header No direct equivalent, but list groups and .panel-groups are similar.
Inline help for form controls .help-inline No exact equivalent, but .help-block is similar.

Additional notes

Other changes in v3.0 are not immediately apparent. Base classes, key styles, and behaviors have been adjusted for flexibility and our mobile first approach. Here’s a partial list:

  • By default, text-based form controls now receive only minimal styling. For focus colors and rounded corners, apply the .form-control class on the element to style.
  • Text-based form controls with the .form-control class applied are now 100% wide by default. Wrap inputs inside <div class="col-*"></div> to control input widths.
  • .badge no longer has contextual (-success,-primary,etc..) classes.
  • .btn must also use .btn-default to get the “default” button.
  • .row is now fluid.
  • Images are no longer responsive by default. Use .img-responsive for fluid <img> size.
  • The icons, now .glyphicon, are now font based. Icons also require a base and icon class (e.g. .glyphicon .glyphicon-asterisk).
  • Typeahead has been dropped, in favor of using Twitter Typeahead.
  • Modal markup has changed significantly. The .modal-header, .modal-body, and .modal-footer sections are now wrapped in .modal-content and .modal-dialog for better mobile styling and behavior. Also, you should no longer apply .hide to .modal in your markup.
  • As of v3.1.0, the HTML loaded by the remote modal option is now injected into the .modal-content (from v3.0.0 to v3.0.3, into the .modal) instead of into the .modal-body. This allows you to also easily vary the header and footer of the modal, not just the modal body.
  • JavaScript events are namespaced. For example, to handle the modal “show” event, use 'show.bs.modal'. For tabs “shown” use 'shown.bs.tab', etc.

For more information on upgrading to v3.0, and code snippets from the community, see Bootply.