The Xbox Live website was just updated with a new interface.  While the whole site looks much cleaner and is easier to read in a browser, this new interface also means that XBL Status does not work at all.  There is a new bug on Launchpad to track the issue, but I do not know how long it will take to modify the program to restore functionality.

A user by the name of cferrism on the forums ported XBL Status to the Maemo platform.  See this forum thread for more information.

Progress is underway to add support for both messaging and display of gamercard information within the XBL Status program.  There are two branches on the Launchpad page – one for each planned feature.  Once stable, they will be combined into the main development branch.

Current development:


I apologize for the lack of window borders, but I can never seem to take proper screenshots with Compiz enabled.

This site now uses Wordpress.  This should result in a much cleaner interface.